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17 Jokes That Are Way Too True If You've Ever Been To College

Welcome to college.

If you've ever been in college, you know sometimes the struggle is all too real.

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Whether you've ever procrastinated just a little too long on that assignment or crammed all night for a final exam, every college student has been there before.

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We've rounded up the funniest college-inspired jokes and memes that'll make every student LOL. Check them out below:


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I am genuinely concerned about what type of household you were raised in if you think it’s ok to take my seat 5 weeks into the semester

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me in class taking a picture of notes on the board that i know i will never look at again

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me: hi can I please give u all of my money college: no you got a B in geometry when you were 14 me: ok sorry for asking

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Syllabus week?!? More like: “The syllabus is online, we’ll be going over chapters 1-2 today, please read for next week as well. OH, and remember to check the assignments that are due this weekend.”

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When you're in the middle of an exam and the professor is explaining something to someone

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To the professors that only went over the syllabus this week: expect a 5 ⭐️ rating from me shortly

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Me: “Did you do the homework?” Friend: “Yeah but I don’t know if my answers are righ-“ Me:

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I turned in my paper to my professor last night and this morning I realized I forgot to change the title...hows your day going?

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pennywise: “i can pay your college tuition” me:

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College students: What joke or meme would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!