20 "Cobra Kai" Fan Reactions That Are Way Too Accurate

    Cobra Kai never dies.

    After dropping on Jan. 1, Cobra Kai Season 3 kicked off 2021 with a bang. From epic fights to surprise guest appearances, the nostalgic show never fails to bring us back to the days of The Karate Kid.

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    A fourth season has been confirmed by the showrunners, but not much more is known at this point. There may even be a possibility for future spinoffs as we dive deeper into the Cobra Kai universe.

    The latest installment is currently on Netflix's Top 10 most-watched list and fans can't seem to get enough of the dojo or karate rivals.

    We've rounded up the best fan reactions to the new Cobra Kai season so far. Check them out below:


    Not me crying my eyes out while watching cobra kai 😭🥺 #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @karushha


    Netflix / Twitter: @dominickscarisi


    Me after bingeing all three seasons of #CobraKai in two days..

    Netflix / Twitter: @JessJohanssonn


    I would like to thank Cobra Kai for finding a reason to include these throwback photos of William Zabka in Season 3

    Netflix / Twitter: @netflix


    friends, to enemies, to friends again. COBRA KAI NEVER DIES

    Netflix / Twitter: @waxonsquad


    Dudes will literally let karate classes escalate into a full on child ninja gang war instead of going to therapy #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @PipTheComic


    Yup this is true 🤣 #CobraKai #Netflix

    Fox Film Corporation / Twitter: @AlissaLaylax


    Ending to #CobraKai season 3 was amazing. Cant wait for next season

    Netflix / Twitter: @foreverjollyjc


    I mean we talking middle school crush and she still fine in 2021??#CobraKai



    “Maybe we can meet in the middle.” - Demetri #cobrakai


    Just finished up season 3 of @CobraKaiSeries & WOWW! They just keep the energy and shockers coming. Already excited for season 4! If you haven't seen it yet & liked The Karate Kid movies like I did, you will LOVE this show! #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @FraustNationTTV


    Lotta tension in the dojo these days. #CobraKai


    So this is basically the Johnny and Robby dynamic right #CobraKai


    Finally making my way through S3 of #CobraKai I love this damn show. In this age of sequel series, this show is such a great example of how to build out a world and enhance the entire legacy of something, by balancing the inherent nostalgia with lots of NEW twists.

    Netflix / Twitter: @iDJWeddings


    Crying over the second Kumiko realizes Daniel is there between the public. #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @lawrussorights


    sending my therapy bill to the #CobraKai writers for this scene. my feelings were attacked 😭

    Netflix / Twitter: @johnnyscobra


    Elisabeth Shue is a national treasure. #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @gonzo3249


    Just got a text from my supervisor. He avoided the trailer and just started it earlier this week. #CobraKai


    Me when I finished season 3 and want season 4 to be released #CobraKai

    20th Century Fox Television / Twitter: @ms_nmarie

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