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    20 "Cobra Kai" Fan Reactions That Are Way Too Accurate

    Cobra Kai never dies.

    After dropping on Jan. 1, Cobra Kai Season 3 kicked off 2021 with a bang. From epic fights to surprise guest appearances, the nostalgic show never fails to bring us back to the days of The Karate Kid.

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    A fourth season has been confirmed by the showrunners, but not much more is known at this point. There may even be a possibility for future spinoffs as we dive deeper into the Cobra Kai universe.

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    The latest installment is currently on Netflix's Top 10 most-watched list and fans can't seem to get enough of the dojo or karate rivals.

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    We've rounded up the best fan reactions to the new Cobra Kai season so far. Check them out below:


    Not me crying my eyes out while watching cobra kai 😭🥺 #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @karushha


    Netflix / Twitter: @dominickscarisi


    Me after bingeing all three seasons of #CobraKai in two days..

    Netflix / Twitter: @JessJohanssonn


    I would like to thank Cobra Kai for finding a reason to include these throwback photos of William Zabka in Season 3

    Netflix / Twitter: @netflix


    friends, to enemies, to friends again. COBRA KAI NEVER DIES

    Netflix / Twitter: @waxonsquad


    Dudes will literally let karate classes escalate into a full on child ninja gang war instead of going to therapy #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @PipTheComic


    Yup this is true 🤣 #CobraKai #Netflix

    Fox Film Corporation / Twitter: @AlissaLaylax


    Ending to #CobraKai season 3 was amazing. Cant wait for next season

    Netflix / Twitter: @foreverjollyjc


    I mean we talking middle school crush and she still fine in 2021??#CobraKai



    “Maybe we can meet in the middle.” - Demetri #cobrakai


    Just finished up season 3 of @CobraKaiSeries & WOWW! They just keep the energy and shockers coming. Already excited for season 4! If you haven't seen it yet & liked The Karate Kid movies like I did, you will LOVE this show! #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @FraustNationTTV


    Lotta tension in the dojo these days. #CobraKai


    So this is basically the Johnny and Robby dynamic right #CobraKai


    Finally making my way through S3 of #CobraKai I love this damn show. In this age of sequel series, this show is such a great example of how to build out a world and enhance the entire legacy of something, by balancing the inherent nostalgia with lots of NEW twists.

    Netflix / Twitter: @iDJWeddings


    Crying over the second Kumiko realizes Daniel is there between the public. #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @lawrussorights


    sending my therapy bill to the #CobraKai writers for this scene. my feelings were attacked 😭

    Netflix / Twitter: @johnnyscobra


    Elisabeth Shue is a national treasure. #CobraKai

    Netflix / Twitter: @gonzo3249


    Just got a text from my supervisor. He avoided the trailer and just started it earlier this week. #CobraKai


    Me when I finished season 3 and want season 4 to be released #CobraKai

    20th Century Fox Television / Twitter: @ms_nmarie

    Have you watched the new season of Cobra Kai? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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