19 Of Chris Hemsworth's Cutest Instagram Photos That You Probably Already Double Tapped

    As if he wasn't already your #MCM.

    Soooo, we all know (and love) Chris Hemsworth.

    Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet

    He's stolen our hearts on the big screen as Thor.

    Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

    And on the red carpet with his smoldering stare.

    Chris Hemsworth

    While we all already know how ~ridiculously~ good looking Chris actually is IRL, here's a roundup of his hottest photos on the 'gram just because. Take a look:

    1. To start, the pizza parlor date of our dreams with the one and only Mr. Hemsworth himself:

    2. This all-smiles selfie when he was trolling his MCU co-star Chris Pratt:

    3. This very delicious selfie *ahem* I mean cake:

    4. That time he joked about his son wanting to be Superman rather than Thor like his old man:

    5. A black-and-white snapshot featuring his very adorable little brother Liam Hemsworth:

    6. As if Chris wasn't already cute enough, there he goes hanging out with a koala:

    7. And of course, he couldn't skip out on a photo opp with his four-legged friend:

    8. TBH, it's amazing he didn't make the snow melt with this shirtless pose:

    9. Oh, you know, just pondering about life while looking effortlessly cool:

    10. A candid look at him being dad of the year to his kiddos while juggling life on set:

    11. That time he was slaying those waves like it was nothing:

    12. And another time he couldn't resist a little Australian sightseeing:

    13. A picture-perfect moment with his mom:

    14. And he made sure to include dad, too:

    15. Soaking up the sun in the great outdoors:

    16. Street bike model by day, actor by night:

    17. The Italian scenery and this handsome man in one? Dreamy as ever:

    18. Casually flexing like it's his middle name:

    19. And finally, leaving this one here because why not?