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    50 Of The Craziest Fan Reactions To Netflix's Cecil Hotel Documentary

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    When news of the mysterious Elisa Lam case broke, the world was left perplexed and searching for answers. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel takes us through all the crazy conspiracy theories surrounding Lam's disappearance and the bone-chilling history of the downtown Los Angeles landmark.

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    The four-episode limited series debuted Feb. 10 and climbed to Netflix's Top 10 most-watched list not long after. Fans have taken social media by storm with a mix of intrigue and shock as they've unpacked each episode.

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    We've rounded up all of the best reactions to the show so far. Check them out below:


    The former manager of the Cecil Hotel in this Netflix doc

    FOX / Twitter: @danesaw


    For anyone watching The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

    Twitter: @KevSacdalan


    Every Youtuber in the Netflix Cecil Hotel documentary:

    FX / Twitter: @LouieG945


    Drinking a glass of water whilst watching the Cecil Hotel documentary

    Twitter: @ConnorGirling


    Adding this Hotel Cecil woman to the list of ‘Netflix bitches I don’t trust’ #CrimeSceneTheVanishingAtTheCecilHotel

    Netflix / Twitter: @sarah_spellman1


    Everyone when the Cecil Hotel manager said she ran the hotel properly... #ElisaLam

    NBC / Twitter: @mr4932


    Watching Cecil hotel after Nightstalker

    Sony Pictures / Twitter: @jjssoonn


    If I’m staying at a hotel and the water is brown and smells weird, I am not drinking it and I am not showering in it. In fact my ass is checking out of that hotel and going somewhere else. And I want my money back. #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @notwhiskeybobbi


    What kind of hotel has communal bathrooms #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @iamcedrica


    that couple that drank the dead body water at the cecil hotel

    Twitter: @shrimpthot


    So people are out here just booking hotels without checking any reviews #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @iamcedrica


    Me by the middle of the fourth episode of the Cecil Hotel doco on Netflix:

    Twitter: @damnitdt


    Every time I hear the manager of the Cecil Hotel speak #HotelCecil

    Twitter: @DanceyNumnumss


    It blows my mind that there are people who have watched ahs and don’t know that hotel Cortez is based on the Cecil hotel in LA

    Twitter: @riathesupreme


    Planning a romantic staycation at The Cecil Hotel. Should be wild.

    Twitter: @viallnicholas28


    When you find out the night stalker stayed at the Cecil Hotel where Elisa Lam disappeared... #ElisaLam

    NBC / Twitter: @InigoEssentials


    Not me wanting to stay at the Cecil Hotel to see if it’s really haunted wtf wrong with me😩😂😂😂

    Twitter: @xoxaleee


    Due to bad weather in the central US, I got a room at a really affordable hotel in downtown LA #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @stevebyrnelive


    This disappearing at Cecil hotel documentary on @netflix !!!!

    Disney Channel / Twitter: @KimNicky


    Me after hearing that the new owner of Cecil Hotel from the Elisa Lam story wants to build a pool on the rooftop

    Twitter: @RatedSPJ


    i’ve been watching the Elisa Lam documentary and i decided to google the Cecil Hotel and i’m done with all of y’all 😭

    Twitter: @ImaniCarin


    After watching 4 hour long episodes of The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

    Twitter: @kayskullz


    me when I stayed at the Cecil Hotel

    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @imOMNOM


    This woman said she called her mother before she called the police! #CrimeSceneTheVanishingAtTheCecilHotel

    Twitter: @JayDoll


    Tenants at the Cecil Hotel: “The water tastes like someone died in it!” Cecil Hotel management:

    Twitter: @90strashpop


    When a new supreme rises, the old one fades #CecilHotel

    Netflix / Twitter: @to_pod


    I love when my serial killer shows cross over. Like okay #nightstalker staying at the #Cecilhotel 👀

    Twitter: @CourtneyG_1025


    After watching all 4 hours of #CecilHotel on Netflix all I can say is #JusticeForMorbid

    Twitter: @jimjameswhelan


    Thought I recognised the manager of the Cecil hotel.

    Disney Channel / Twitter: @dldemx


    Morbid stayed at the Cecil Hotel a WHOLE YEAR prior to Elisa's death and the intent nailed him to the cross without evidence, just the fact that he was goth I- #CrimeSceneNetflix #CrimeSceneTheVanishingAtTheCecilHotel

    Twitter: @elle_sibanda


    watched the Cecil Hotel docuseries and uhhhh... tell me you’re suspicious without telling me you’re suspicious...

    Netflix / Twitter: @uhhdouni


    why was the hotel managers first instinct after the discovery of Elisa’s body to call her mom?! her smiling throughout the documentary was unsettling. #CrimeSceneNetflix

    Twitter: @mahdiehhhhh


    I’m watching ‘The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’ on Netflix and I...

    Netflix / Sony Pictures / Twitter: @dalton_trigg


    Half low income housing and half luxury hotel??? #CrimeSceneNetflix

    Twitter: @likedbymany


    LADIES & GENTS I GIVE YOU CAROLE BASKIN THE 2021 VERSION #cecilhotel #Netflix #CrimeSceneNetflix

    Twitter: @Bababouttown


    Everyone needs to go apologize to Morbid right now! #CecilHotel #CrimeSceneNetflix I mean it! #Morbid

    Twitter: @Magicmalori2825


    Me figuring out how the blonde hotel manager was involved in Elisa Lam’s death #ElisaLam #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @bexaxaxa


    At the #TheVanishingattheCecilHotel the couple that drank the brown tint water, showered & brushed their teeth w/ it and drank it? Who does that? 😳 WHY? #ElisaLam

    Twitter: @Soulful_Mindful


    If you ever walk in to a hotel and see this woman at the reception desk. Turn around and run as fast as you can. #CecilHotel #ElisaLam

    Twitter: @one_righteous


    having low water pressure after watching The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

    Twitter: @KTReneeR


    Me watching The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel - Elisa Lam documentary. Something just doesn’t sit right with me with the way she died.

    Twitter: @Levenchy


    Thought I'd watch part one of the #ElisaLam docuseries. Four episodes later and I've finally reemerged from the rabbit hole.

    Twitter: @tmturner_


    I’m watching that Elisa Lam documentary on Netflix and this is so scary... this is why I never stay anywhere alone

    Twitter: @skaijackson


    When they start talking about Richard Ramirez in the middle of the Elisa Lam doc on Netflix.

    Netflix / Twitter: @MichaelKeene


    Can anyone guess what I watched on this Valentines Day? #CecilHotel #Netflix #ElisaLam

    Twitter: @McginleyRachael


    Fine! I’m convinced it was an accident the only thing that I just can’t get over is about the Lam-Elisa tb what in the fuck? #ElisaLam

    Twitter: @Almisha3


    websleuths trying to link morbid to elisa lam

    Twitter: @_artpoop


    The only Cecil employee I trust #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @maddiefknsmokes


    This two would have solved the case within 24h #CecilHotel

    Twitter: @riathesupreme


    what we can learn from Elisa Lam

    Twitter: @tanyafw

    Have you watched Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel? Let us know what you think in the comments below!