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26 Of The Most Gorgeous College Campuses Around The World


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1. Princeton University in New Jersey has beautiful Gothic architecture — not to mention some serious Hogwarts vibes.

@kochjamie / Via

2. And the University of Glasgow in Scotland is equally as magical, with architecture every Harry Potter fan is sure to love.

@milenchen_82 / Via

3. You could get lost for hours exploring the vast stacks of books in Trinity College Library in Dublin.

@thisismevalentina / Via

4. The beautiful buildings at Yale University in Connecticut will catch the eye of any architecture lover.

@yalefieldhockey / Via

5. One of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Bologna in Italy is also one of the most elegant.

@aflavell6 / Via

6. The University of Chicago's ivy-covered, castle-like buildings will leave you in awe.

@uchicagoalumni / Via

7. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time when exploring the University of Cambridge in England.

@liv_n_chadwick / Via

8. The Scripps College campus in Claremont features Spanish-style architecture and is lined with breezy palm trees that add to its Southern California vibe.

@courtquirm / Via

9. Cornell University in New York features remarkable architectural details throughout the campus, like these towering arches.

@daniel_lebret / Via

10. The exquisite stone architecture at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland will take your breath away.

@charnabon / Via

11. Fans of modern design will fall head over heels for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's sleek Cambridge campus.

@lilitrbsc / Via

12. The Spanish moss and gas lamps perfectly ornament the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

@jmstrick1 / Via

13. You can soak up the sun and take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean just outside of UC Santa Barbara's campus.

@zekstreks / Via

14. You'll want to do nothing but stroll through the lush wooded campus of Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

@ary_hashim / Via

15. North Carolina's Duke University is perfectly dreamy, with vibrant cherry blossoms and magnificent architecture scattered around campus.

@sasararah111 / Via

16. Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, is home to Spanish-style arches, similar to those found in historic California missions.

@markdecristoforo / Via

17. The colorful fall foliage creates a majestic scene at Harvard University in Cambridge.

@bouenpanvether / Via

18. Indiana's University of Notre Dame has an elegant vibe, with Gothic-style buildings and shimmering gold details.

@nickmarchio / Via

19. Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, has a lush campus and stunning beach views close by.

@pepperdine / Via

20. If you're taking a trip to Washington D.C., swing by Georgetown University to admire its gorgeous architecture and stunning views of the Potomac.

@potatotuzki / Via

21. The University of Pennsylvania's campus features historic buildings and Philadelphia's bustling cityscape only steps away.

@jupiterandreis / Via

22. Blooming cherry blossoms make the University of Washington's Seattle campus a springtime wonderland.

@jessb35 / Via

23. Vanderbilt University in Tennessee will enchant you with its southern charm.

@missers1982 / Via

24. The University of Colorado's Boulder campus is surrounded by rugged mountains and rich wooded areas.

@ckfrosty / Via

25. Dartmouth University in New Hampshire features classic Georgian architecture that will capture your heart.

@ankandhal / Via

26. And finally, you'll feel like royalty the minute you step onto Oxford's campus thanks to its medieval-style architecture.

@soniamkls / Via

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