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22 Posts That Prove Shay Mitchell Might As Well Be An Instagram Influencer

Shay absolutely slays.

If you were a big fan of Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell is already on your radar.

Shay Mitchell on the beach

She's an actor, author and a new mom to a baby girl named Atlas Noa Babel.

If you follow @shaymitchell on Instagram, you'll find an array of dreamy travel photos, sultry selfies and highlights of her day-to-day adventures.

We've rounded up the most memorable Instagram posts to ever grace Shay's feed. Check them out below:

1. To start, that time she posted this laid-back hillside selfie:

2. This fun-in-the-sun look that brings on serious summer vibes:

3. This perfect pizza photo that'll make you want a slice of your own:

4. This highlight reel showing she's loving every minute of motherhood:

5. This bold makeup style with just a splash of neon color:

6. This kick-ass snapshot:

7. This sweet family moment:

8. This photo that's seriously #friendgoals:

9. This seaside swing:

10. That time she was sipping on some wine:

11. This Dead Sea silhouette:

12. When she showed off her baby bump:

13. This alluring close-up:

14. This mom and daughter photograph:

15. This all too relatable quarantine birthday celebration:

16. This Kodak moment on the water:

17. This beautiful Barcelona memory:

18. This fierce fighter's pose:

19. This blonde bombshell:

20. This epic rooftop experience:

21. This relaxing yoga flow:

22. Finally, this jaw-dropping view that'll give you an immediate case of wanderlust:

What's your favorite Shay Mitchell role? Share it with us in the comments!

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