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    The 17 Most Hilarious Reactions To Netflix's "Away" So Far

    Off to Mars we go. 🚀

    If you've ever dreamed about being an astronaut, chances are you've watched Netflix's Away. The new series follows Commander Emma Green (portrayed by Hilary Swank) as she sets off on an exciting mission to Mars.

    Hilary Swank sitting down with her space gear on, in the show Away

    There's love, heartbreak and drama you'd only find out-of-this-world. Plus, we're all seriously wondering how that space wifi is so damn good.

    So, we've rounded up some of the funniest reactions fans have had to this interstellar series. Check them out below:


    Somebody please explain to me how those satellites phone calls between the crew and Earth are working...without any time difference #AwayNetflix


    I just started Away on Netflix and I had no idea it took 8 months to get to mars from the moon I will never complain about my commute from my bed to my kitchen ever again 🚀


    Away on Netflix has me crying and stressing and acting like it’s my damn mom on the moon... too good


    No one: Absolutely no one: Misha: winky face emoji winky face emoji winky face emoji 😉😉😉 #AwayNetflix


    So, traveling to Mars is mostly about talking on a magic phone with no time delay micro-managing relationships on Earth, right? #AwayNetflix


    Just finished watching #AwayNetflix. Wow. Really incredible show. I’m not ashamed to admit I think I cried in every episode. 😅👩‍🚀


    #AwayNetflix was so good. Out of this world, even. And it gave me new ideas for dating requirements: 1. Must make stacks of pancakes for breakfast 2. Must be smart enough to work at NASA without working at NASA because that sh*t is intense 3. Lovingly call me a shithead 🚀


    can ya’ll use a software engineer on mars??? asking for a friend @netflix @NASA #AwayNetflix


    I'm watching #away and when girlfriend thought she was sneaking out for a party and he took her to midnight Mass


    When you and your dog sigh at the same time over a sad scene... #away #netflix


    Just started @netflix #Away and realized I’m not cut out to be an astronaut. 8 years to get to Mars?! I won’t even drive 15 minutes to pickup food.


    Watching #AwayNetflix and when the astronaut says “I am memorizing your voice” I lost it 🥺😭


    So far everyone I’ve convinced to watch the new @netflix show #Away has gotten hooked. Therefore, I will continue to suggest it to everyone I talk to... and continue to wish I was an astronaut.


    Having watched #Away the other week and loved it, moving through space to another planet for three years sounds pretty good. Who's game? Rigorous application process with standardised rejection email.



    I​ need season​ 2,​ please​ #AwayNetflix​ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #Netflix


    “Houston, Atlas touchdown confirmed” #AwayNetflix 🚀