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    Fast Food Workers Are Sharing Their Ultimate Secret Menu Hacks And, Oh My God, My Life Is Changed

    Let's add these to the regular menu, please.

    When it comes to fast food, the possibilities don't just stop at the regular menu. From the flying dutchman at In-N-Out to drinks at Starbucks, we're no stranger to these one-of-a-kind concoctions.

    When Reddit user TBoneTheOriginal asked, "What are some unique concoctions you’ve made with the ingredients available to you that aren’t available on the public menu?" the answers that came out of this thread were gems.

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    We've rounded up our favorite redditor responses. Check them out below:

    1. "When I was at Pizza Hut, we'd regularly stuff garlic knots with pepperoni or other meats. I also enjoyed the meaty marinara pasta with a number of veggies on top."

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    2. "I used to work in a concession stand at a movie theater. One of my coworkers would make chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks, stick them in a hot dog bun, and slather it in marinara to make a chicken Parmesan sandwich."


    3. "I worked at Subway, and me and my friends once used six loaves of bread to make a giant pan pizza! Jalapeños and pepperoni included."

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    4. "I used to work at a Taco Bell. We had a large secret menu."

    "1. Ninja Turtle: A Baja Blast mixed with regular Mountain Dew.

    2. Mastadon: A chalupa shell with a hard shell instead and coated in nacho cheese. Made like a Gordita Crunch.

    3. Mastadon Supreme: See above with an extra shell. It's loaded with sour cream, lettuce, and tomato.

    4. Churro Special: Back when the soft churros were a thing, we used to make dessert burritos with them. Breaking an apple pie, two churros, and grilling it.

    5. Everything Nachos, which was literally everything on the line: meats, cheese, and all the toppings."


    5. "Worked at Wendy’s — after a while we got tired of the same food, so we got experimental. My go-to would be a wrap made with baked potato, cheddar cheese, spicy chicken, and broccoli. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes so it would be slightly toasted, and then ate it with chili sauce."

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    6. "Back at KFC/Taco Bell where I worked in high school, we used to make doughboys out of the chalupa shells. If you toss it in the fryer by itself and just let it float, it gets kinda puffy and doughy. Then you've got the butter they usually put on the biscuits, and cinnamon sugar for the cinnamon twists."


    7. "Former Pizza Hut employee here. Take overproofed, unusable dough, rip it up, deep-fry it for a couple minutes, and cover it in cinnamon sugar. Boom. Donut bites."

    8. "I also used to work in concessions at a theater. Someone cooked a pizza in the oven just enough to melt the cheese and then deep-fried the crust in the fryer by holding it with the funnel cake spatula. It was pretty damn good."


    9. "Worked at KFC, and the biscuits come frozen. We would put them in the fryer instead of the oven, and they were the most delicious, dense buttermilk donuts. Drizzle on some honey, and they are awesome!"


    10. "When I worked at Pizza Hut, we would make the stuffed crust minus the pizza. It would just be a giant ring of cheese and dough."

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    11. "Worked at Subway in high school, and my favorite was stuffed peppers. I'd cut the top off and gut the pepper, fill it with cheese, steak, and chipotle sauce, and then bake it in the oven. So good."


    12. "I worked at Dairy Queen one summer when I was a teenager. Somehow, we ended up making a mint Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard that tasted amazing."

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    13. "I used to work at Papa John's. We made breakfast pizzas. Someone would pick up eggs at the store; we cracked them onto the crust, plus cheese, ham, sausage, onions, and green peppers. It was like a giant pizza omelet. So good."


    14. "While working at Chick-fil-A, I made a quesadilla using the tortilla from the grilled wrap, shredded cheese from the salads, and shredded chicken. I also made a brownie shake by crumbling up a brownie and adding it into the shake before mixing it together."

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    15. "When I worked at Domino's, my friend and I made a Doritos pan pizza. I proceeded to pound and smush that Doritos bag until the chips were fine flakes and powder."

    "First, I had my friend re-knead the pan pizza dough. Except while she did it, I kept sprinkling the Doritos flakes into it. Then we put the pizza sauce on it. I sprinkled Doritos onto that sauce as well. That was definitely the best pizza I've ever tasted in my entire life."


    16. "A Jamba Juice worker at a location I go to hooked me up with his masterpiece. It was basically one of the waffles in the bottom of a bowl, topped with Froyo and peanut and almond butter. It was incredible; the warm waffle was perfect with it."

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    17. "I worked at a Jersey Mike’s for longer than I care to say. The best “employees'-only secret menu” thing we had was as follows..."

    "Cook a cheesesteak with peppers, onions, and jalapeños. Crush up a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, and mix it in with the meat while you’re cooking. Toast the roll on the grill, and put chipotle mayo on the top of the bun and ranch dressing on the bottom.

    I was a teenager when I last tried it, but I remember it being absolutely delicious and was usually my go-to meal at work."


    18. "I used to work at McDonald's. One of the things people would order was grilled cheese sandwiches: basically a slice of cheese between two upside down buns that was put on the grill for a bit."

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    19. "Domino’s delivery driver here. I take a small pizza dough, some Alfredo sauce, a whole bunch of cheddar cheese, some pasta, and some bacon. Mix those together, and put them on the small dough."

    "Raise the edges of the dough up like a bowl, and run it through the pizza oven. When it’s done, top it off with garlic oil and just a little mango habanero sauce, and you have one of the best mac 'n' cheese bread bowls I’ve ever eaten."


    What's your favorite off-menu fast food item? Share it with us in the comments below!

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.