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    50 Fun At-Home Date Ideas To Try With Your Significant Other

    Make any night date night.

    Planning a date night but don't want to leave your home?

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    We've come up with some fun ideas you can do without ever stepping foot out your front door. Check them out below:

    1. To start, make a pillow fort in your living room.

    2. Camp overnight in your backyard.

    3. Brush up on your culinary skills and cook a new recipe.

    4. Do an at-home wine tasting with bottles you've never tried before.

    5. Make a delicious brunch at home complete with bottomless drinks of your choice!

    6. Have a romantic candlelight dinner.

    7. Create your own drive-in and have a themed movie night.

    8. Stream a virtual concert from the comfort of your couch.

    9. Indulge in an ice cream sundae bar with all of the best toppings.

    10. Pick out your favorite cheeses and make your own custom charcuterie boards.

    11. Dust off the board games and get competitive.

    12. Have a picnic in your backyard.

    13. Grab some canvases and do your own paint night.

    14. Play a video game together and show off your skills.

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    15. Start the day off right with breakfast in bed.

    16. Take a bubble bath together.

    17. Snack on some homemade s'mores.

    18. Throw a dance party in your living room.

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    19. Create a scavenger hunt around the house.

    20. Bring the spa to you with at-home facials and massages.

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    21. Make your own pizzas from scratch.

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    22. Try your hand at crafting some cocktails.

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    23. Break a sweat and exercise together.

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    24. Snuggle up under some cozy blankets.

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    25. Work on a DIY project you've been wanting to do.

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    26. Bring out the beer glasses and do your own tasting.

    27. Pair your favorite wine and desserts together.

    28. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories.

    29. Grab a camera and have a photo shoot.

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    30. Start planning your next vacation.

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    31. Show off your singing skills and have a karaoke night.

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    32. Challenge yourself and work on a puzzle.

    33. Play some card games like poker or speed.

    34. Tie-dye or bleach-dye some old clothes you have lying around.

    35. Try out a date night subscription box like Happily, Crafted with Love or Unbox Love.

    36. Play a game of "would you rather?"

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    37. Test your chess skills and get a game going against each other.

    38. Binge-watch a series you've had on your list or rewatch on you love.

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    39. Find out who the true trivia master is by testing your knowledge on movies, music, or food.

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    40. Make a bunch of appetizers for dinner.

    41. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant.

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    42. Look up at the night sky and stargaze.

    43. Play a game of bingo.

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    44. Get your laugh on and watch a some stand-up comedy.

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    45. Play a drinking game.

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    46. Plan out a craft night.

    47. Sip on some hot cocoa.

    48. Throw a dish on the BBQ.

    49. Watch your favorite sports team.

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    50. Finally, re-create the magic of your first date.

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    What's your favorite at-home date? Let us know in the comments!

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