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Updated on Sep 14, 2020. Posted on Sep 7, 2020

Can You Score At Least 11/13 On This "American Horror Story" Quiz?

Find out just how much you slay. 🔪

  1. To start off, What year did the series debut?

  2. What is the shortest season of AHS?

  3. Who created the show?

  4. Who has appeared in the most amount of episodes?

  5. Who portrays Twisty?

  6. Which season takes place in Jupiter, Florida?

  7. Complete the phrase: "Wear something..."

  8. How many characters does Evan Peters portray in American Horror Story: Cult?

  9. Who portrays Scáthach?

  10. What is Madison Montgomery's job?

  11. What is the name of the Harmon's Family Dog?

  12. Where is the Hotel Cortez Located?

  13. Finally, can you name the asylum from Season 2?

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