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Share The Most Entitled Thing An Affluent Person Has Ever Told You

Money talks.

When it comes to the super rich, it probably feels like another world because that lifestyle can be SO different than the average Joes' day-to-day routine.

I'm curious to hear about the wildest thing a wealthy person has ever said to you.

Leonardo DiCaprio standing with a glass of wine on a yacht displaying an American flag in The Wolf of Wall Street

Maybe they told you taking a private jet to have dinner in big cities like Paris, Los Angeles, or Miami is a normal Tuesday night for them?

A private jet

Perhaps "buying another one" of a pricy designer item doesn't make them break a sweat because they know it won't break their bank?

Cher walking around with shopping bags in Clueless

Or, maybe you were shocked to learn their idea of a small house is actually a HUGE mansion in the hills?

Exterior view of a mansion with a swimming pool

So, now's your chance to spill the tea! Share the most over-the-top thing a rich person has ever told you in the comments or submit anonymously using this form. Your response might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!