33 Music-Inspired Tattoos Every Diehard Fan Will Love

    Music meets ink.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their music-inspired tattoos. Here are the most memorable submissions.

    1. This simple reminder of a childhood lullaby:

    2. This tattoo showcasing how music can make you feel:

    3. This music-inspired act of rebellion:

    4. This inked memorial to David Bowie:

    5. And this tattoo honoring David Bowie's iconic legacy:

    6. This sweet father-daughter bonding moment:

    7. This record-inspired tattoo celebrating a milestone:

    8. This Ariana Grande tribute:

    9. And this ultimate fan tribute to Stevie Nicks:

    10. This beautiful watercolor tattoo:

    11. This inked masterpiece that will outlive any concert t-shirt:

    12. This album-inspired portrait:

    13. This ink representing the power of being able to let go of the past:

    14. This colorful tattoo honoring a family member:

    15. This colorful, inspiring tattoo:

    16. This reminder that you can always look forward to tomorrow:

    17. This tattoo every Fleetwood Mac fan would love:

    18. This reminder that you can weather any storm in life:

    19. This Adele-inspired ink:

    20. This inked-out daily reminder:

    21. This reminder of how music can empower you:

    22. This throwback to The Beatles:

    23. This We The Kings–Lord of the Rings mashup:

    24. This ink inspired by Twenty One Pilots:

    25. This Red Hot Chili Peppers design:

    26. This pop-punk pinky promise:

    27. This life motto:

    28. This reminder that "every day is a new day:"

    29. This reminder that true love exists:

    30. This ink that celebrates being accepted:

    31. This stroll down memory lane:

    32. This homage to a life-changing album:

    33. And finally, this Panic! At the Disco ink:

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.