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    17 Signs You're Totally In Love With Disneyland

    *mouse ears perk up* Did someone say "Disneyland"?

    1. Annual passes are a staple in your wallet.

    2. And you know the park like the back of your hand.

    3. You have a crazy amount of mouse ears.

    4. DisneyBounding is an art to you — you can dress like your fave characters and stay looking cute as hell.

    5. Solo Disney dates are no big deal to you.

    6. You’ve snagged pretty much every pin at City Hall.

    7. And you're a pro at pin trading.

    8. You understand the true value of fast passes.

    9. Halloween is one of your favorite times to visit the park, because seeing Jack Skellington everywhere fills your heart with joy.

    10. And Christmas isn't too shabby, either.

    11. You've tried all the food, because every treat makes your mouth feel like paradise.

    12. And you've met all of your favorite Disney characters.

    13. You've daydreamed about visiting the highly exclusive Club 33.

    14. Or having a dinner date at Blue Bayou.

    15. No Disney day is complete without Paint The Night.

    16. And the amazing fireworks display.

    17. And no matter how many times you visit, Disneyland never gets old.

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