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13 Signs You're A Hardcore "American Horror Story" Fan

American Horror Story: Obsession.

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1. You've seen every single season at least twice.

2. And you probably own each season, because how could you not?

3. One of your biggest life goals is to visit the Murder House in Los Angeles.

4. Or the Coven House in New Orleans, because you're probably the next supreme, tbh.

5. You seriously geek out trying to connect each of the seasons.

6. Even though you're still pretty darn puzzled yourself.

7. Your heart's still broken from Jessica Lange's departure. She's a damn QUEEN.

8. But Lady Gaga quickly seeped into that void.

9. You can quote AHS like there's no tomorrow.

10. On Wednesdays you always wear black.

11. Halloween doesn't feel complete without the AHS special.

12. And though waiting for the premiere each October feels like torture...

13. You feel no shame in binge watching an entire old season in a single sitting, any time of the year.

American Horror Story forever.


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