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    16 Things I'll Miss About Being In Congress

    Macklemore, MSNBC, and Minnesota. A look back at 8 years in Congress.

    16. Smoke-filled rooms

    15. Palling around with the President

    14. Seersucker Thursdays

    13. The wonderful staff that keep the Capitol running

    12. You never know who you'll run into

    11. Daily reminders of our nation's founding

    10. Committee work

    9. Hanging out with D.C.'s most eligible bachelors

    8. Friendly chats with Nancy Pelosi

    7. Visiting the troops

    6. MSNBC's even-handed reporting

    5. Access to some of the greatest minds

    4. Speech prep with my staff

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    3. Adoption and foster care advocacy

    2. Fierce hot dish competitions...and other Minnesota delegation events

    1. Representing the people of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District