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4 Quick Ways For Married Couples To Make An Extra $500 Per Month

Being married isn't always 1+1 = 2 when it comes to finances. Somehow, things are more expensive and you have less money every month. But this list will help you fix that problem!

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Drive for Lyft

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I'm not sure if you've read the news, but Uber is having a pretty rough go of things right now. And their loss is Lyft's gain. More and more drivers are migrating over to Lyft and even if you just give someone a ride while you're commuting to and from work every day, you'll notice some pretty solid cheddar added to your bank account. You can sign up here.

Take online surveys and questionnaires

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If you're going to be mindlessly staring at the computer screen all day, why not make some extra cash while you do it. If both you and your partner each take a few minutes each day to fill out surveys on SwagBucks, you can make a pretty penny each month! Start doing surveys here.

Kill Your Useless Subscriptions

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You've heard of people cutting the cord when it comes to cable TV, but I bet you don't realize how many subscriptions you really have going out there. My wife and I were recently able to cut out about $750 per month by going through all of our recurring bills and deciding what we did and didn't need. One big gain was from canceling our DirecTV and moving to Amazon Channels. We were already Prime members so it saved us over $150 per month. You can check them out here.

Sell Your Old Phones and Devices

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My wife and I have a drawer of our old phones in our office. We keep them there because we want to make sure we get all the data off of them whenever we upgrade. But funny enough, they go right back into the drawer once we clear the data. Instead, we should be selling them online. If you don't like shady deals done in alleys, then I'd avoid the local classifieds and just go with a reputable group like Gazelle. You ship it to them, they pay you, BAM! you're done. You can start here.

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