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Low-Key Summer Cocktails

Wanna make cool cocktails effortlessly? Summer is the best time to sip on an ice cold cocktail and most are easier than you think to make. So grab some lemons, limes, ice and your spirit of choice and get creative!

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Check out some easy, low-key summer cocktails below.

Mint Julep

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The Mint Julep is one of the most refreshing cocktails you can make, which is surprising considering it’s all spirit! This classic cocktail comes from America’s deep south and is thought to have been created in the 18th century. Simply muddle some mint leaves, a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of water in a highball glass before adding bourbon and filling with ice. Garnish with a mint sprig and enjoy ice cold on a hot summer day.

Peach Gin Fizz

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A fruity twist on a cocktail classic, the peach gin fizz is perfect for summer days. Use a blender or squeeze half a peach until it becomes puree. Fill a glass with ice and add some of the peach puree before adding gin. Then fill the rest of the glass with soda water and garnish with peach slices to taste for a light, refreshing summer drink.

The Hurricane / Via

The hurricane is a little more on the complicated side but it’s worth the effort. Created in New Orleans in the 1940’s it is still a popular choice today. Add equal parts light rum and dark rum, overproof rum, passion fruit juice and some squeezed lemon juice to a cocktail shaker and shake. Fill some hurricane glasses with ice and pour the mixture in. Finish by garnishing with two orange slices and two maraschino cherries.

The Firecracker

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Mix vodka with some seedless watermelon juice and squeezed limes to create this easy, breezy cocktail. Garnish with sliced cucumber and mint for a fresh taste or get hold of some cucumber vodka to add some crispness to the mix.

Elderflower Wine Cocktail

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Okay, so mixing wine and vodka might sound like a bad idea, but this refreshing cocktail is a definite summer must-have. Take a pitcher and empty a bottle of white wine and add equal parts vodka and elderflower liqueur. Once you’re done leave the mix in the fridge for one hour. To serve, muddle some mint into each of the glasses, add ice. Fill the glass about two thirds of the way with the wine mixture then top with soda water.

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