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5 Duty Free Items That’ll Make Your Flight A Breeze

Flying can be frustrating if you haven’t brought along enough comforts to get through your journey. If you’ve booked a last minute flight and have rushed packing or just want to pick up some little extras, duty free shopping can take your plane journey from stress to #blessed.

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For total ease, most airports now provide the option to shop for duty free online so you can browse at your own convenience, however, if you’re stuck at the departure lounge, these essentials will make your flight go off without a hitch.

Check out five of the best items you can pick up at duty free and take your plane journey to the next level.

Books and Magazines

It’s going to be a long flight if your only source of entertainment is the in-flight magazine. Getting lost in a good book will make your journey fly by. Check out the latest bestsellers in the duty free area and choose a book to match your style. Airports also usually have a wide range of international magazines alongside those with a smaller niche. Peruse the shelves for your favourite mag or learn about something new from the eclectic mix of magazines and newspapers.


Be sure to pick up a good moisturiser before you board your flight as the recycled air on the plane will dry out your skin. Having moisturiser close to hand will give your skin some much needed relief during a long flight - especially if you have dry skin. Splash out on a high-end brand to get the best savings from your duty free shopping and soothe your skin on a long flight. Make sure to check out the liquid allowances on your flight to avoid losing it at security.


Aeroplane meals aren’t always up to scratch and some shorter flights don’t offer complimentary food, so it is a good idea to grab yourself some snacks before you board. Go for non-offensive, easy to pick at snacks that won’t stink out the plane or take up too much space from your neighbour. Avoid overstocking on confectionery as sweets can be the items with the biggest markup at the duty free counter, and be sure to check your plane allowance for any banned items.

Headphones or Earplugs

Picking up some headphones or earplugs as part of your duty free shopping will allow you to block out any surrounding background noise. Tuning out annoying noises with music, an audiobook or pure silence can take your flight from frustrating to breezy in seconds. Having headphones can also help to block out the noises of the plane’s engines, perfect for those who have a fear of flying.

Face Wipes

Flying takes its toll on the skin and sitting on a plane for hours at a time can leave you feeling uncomfortable and far from fresh. Liquid allowances and air travel etiquette means deodorant isn’t always a great buy. Instead, grabbing a pack of face wipes from duty free gives you the option of removing any make-up before you sleep on the plane along with the added bonus of freshening up quickly and easily on your flight.

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