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"Chevy Guy" Rikk Wilde Has A Rough Go During World Series Presentation

A Chevrolet executive presented the World Series MVP trophy to Madison Bumgarner, and it went exactly how you would write the perfect SNL skit. Look no further Lorne Michaels, Rikk Wilde is a star.

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Rikk stumbles right out of the gate in his introduction: / Via MLB/Fox Sports

Rikk then had to go to his note cards, with a big sigh, and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig just couldn't deal anymore: / Via MLB/Fox Sports

"You know, technology and stuff" / Via MLB/Fox Sports

...even the key exchange to Madison Bumgarner for being the MVP was slightly awkward: / Via MLB/Fox Sports

Watch the full video of Rikk Wilde's crash and burn right here:

View this video on YouTube / Via MLB/Fox Sports
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