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    • michaelr4f0149e10

      You guys are so damn blind to the real truth of what really happening to America, it time you get your head out of your butt and start learning the truth of this matter. Commander Chris Davis is a patriot of the united States of America, him and our men are securing the border when in fact our President Obama does nothing but opening the border to crash our nation. If you do not like the idea of National Sovereignty, then get out of America. We are facing of a takeover by the International Communism order, called the New World Order, it real people, and it time that you all wake the hell up and see what going on.. These American Militia are doing their duty that they are call to do to help secured the border ASAP. We have Muslim Terrorist crossing the border with bring harm to all American, and drug lords who hurting our people with drugs in America, and killing our border patrolmen. Right now we have bigger problem at the border that many of you don’t understand the factor what it will cause our nation to fall. Why WE THE PEOPLE need to take action is because our government are not doing anything to fix the problem but create the problem.. Obama is behind this whole deal of the massive illegal aliens problem that we are facing right now. Who care if you are left or right, you are AMERICAN! DO YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT AMERICA.

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