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    20 Brilliant Small YouTubers To Watch In 2016

    Did you know I'm a small YouTuber? Of course you did. As a small YouTuber and an extrovert, it's only natural, I suppose, that I have a lot of friends who are also small YouTubers. And boy are they ever incredible.

    In this post, I do some link love and give you 20 (!!!) brilliant small YouTubers worth watching. I'm not going to tell you to subscribe to all of them, but I will tell you that they're all incredible in their own way. I tried to keep a wide range of YouTubers across different categories.

    There's something for everybody - and hopefully several somebodies for each of you. For reference, most of these channels are run by very small YouTubers with fewer than 1,000 subscribers. A few have more than that, but none have more than 5,000. That means if you subscribe, you'll make their day and get to talk to them. Like all the time.

    If you want to show them some love but don't know where to start, check out my guide on how to care for your YouTuber.

    Steph Payano

    Steph Payano / Via Twitter: @stephpayano_

    Steph Payano has one of the most hilarious story-telling channels on the internet. She's also super friendly and accessible. She also won a spot on the Less Than Famous panel at VidCon 2016. I got to interview her about it. She's sharp, quick, and always hysterical.

    Honestly Karen

    Honestly Karen / Via Twitter: @KarenHonestly

    Honestly Karen is a charming, sweet soul living vlogging her way through New York City as a singer and actress. She'll make you laugh hysterically with a sketch about auditioning and then make you cry with a heartfelt, honest confessional.


    PsychIRL / Via Twitter: @designingdonna

    PsychIRL is run by the brilliant and whip-smart Donna. She makes weekly videos about psychology, which are both entertaining and educational. She also frequently features her family in her vlogs, where you get to know her more personally. Always an overachiever, she's a contributor to Psych2Go.

    Oh, and she was the first person I ever collaborated with. History in the making.

    Beth Boulevard

    Beth Boulevard / Via Twitter: @bethblvd

    Beth Boulevard is a media student and filmmaker in the making. She vlogs in a typical confessional style, but uses her videographer's eye to compose visually stunning and cinematic shots.

    Dory's Stories

    Dory's Stories (YEP SHE DREW THIS) / Via Twitter: @DorysStoryTime

    Dory tells stories. She tells heartbreaking but empowering stories from her life experiences and discusses experiences she's had with the paranormal. Additionally, she's one of the most talented and technically skilled portrait artists I've seen. Finally, she's crafty and artsy, so you can expect a number of DIY tutorials that I'll never be able to follow.

    The Sharifi Life

    The Sharifi Life / Via

    Andrea Sharifi has the distinction of making the most hilarious faces of all existence. She does a mix of helpful DIYs, comedy, challenges, tags, and story telling.

    Sarah May

    Sarah May was voted Most Likely to Hate Me for Including Her in This Post. She makes comedy sketches and she's #sorelatable it hurts.

    Jared Koons

    Jared Koons has that weird brand of humor that makes it hard to tell if he's just trolling all of us, which is about why I like him. He's also in a weird rock band and has the most glorious hair in existence.


    Brittany DeMauro / Via Twitter: @BratKneeD

    Brittany DeMauro, AKA BratKnee, AKA ShatKnee, is a comedian and vlogger. She also has a twin floating around somewhere in the universe who was photographed next to Kesha at one point. We want to make her so famous that she can enlist America in finding said twin.

    JC5 Productions

    Juan Alcazar is a filmmaker who has been on YouTube for the better half of a decade. I also interviewed him at one point. Although his focus is making short films (and he's insanely talented at it), he also does the occasional sit-down video to open up about his life and his experiences, which never fails to be insanely touching.


    Patrick, AKA xingcat, has a place in my heart as one of my favorite YouTubers because of his shrug at tradition. His channel is a mix between three-ingredient recipes, hair care tips for men with long hair, and empowering skits about self-esteem and self-acceptance using puppets. He also does extensive work with theater and will appear in every comments section from now until the end of time.

    I Am Spidersam

    Sam may be the youngest YouTuber on this list, but she also has the most glorious voice. Her cover of Black Roses will probably make you cry. When she's not performing covers or original songs, she's telling stories of being awkward and ranting about things that frustrate her, like people stealing her Sharpies.

    Mischel Nemeth

    Mischel Nemeth makes relatable and sarcastic comedy videos and tutorials with a really adorable accent. Her commentary on weird habits will make you cry with laughter.

    Emma Dillon

    Emma Dillon makes comedy sketches and vlogs that are hysterical, slightly vulgar, and absolutely brilliant. Just watch her video about being a complete failure at cooking. Like right now.

    Bits of Ben

    Watching Bits of Ben is kind of like watching your drunk uncle climb onto a bar and rant about something nobody's thought about in 20 years (like The Spice Girls! Or slap bracelets. Or platform sandals) in the most vulgar, hysterical, charming way possible.

    Nathan and Jamie

    Nathan and Jamie are two charming, sweet goofballs that always know exactly what to say to cheer you up when you're having a really terrible day. Their laughs are infectious and their videos are hysterical. You can't watch their channel without feeling like you're hanging out with two of your best friends (or, alternately, babysitting).


    Shelley / Via Twitter: @ShelBris

    Shelley makes a wide range of videos that mostly fall into the category "whatever the hell I want." She does comedy, vlogs, gaming videos, challenges, and social commentary with a charming accent and a blunt sense of humor that speaks to me on a spiritual level.

    Indie Intellect

    Joel and Daniel host a podcast for small YouTubers called Indie Intellect. In it, they discuss issues facing YouTubers (both large and small) and offer tips, tricks, and how-tos. They also run the Third Wave of YouTube, which is one of the two small YouTuber communities I'm aware (The other, of course, being the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber community that I helped create... #getthatpromo).

    They also interviewed me once.

    #ColdHardDrewth Productions

    Drew Ryan hosts Real Geek Girls, a series of interviews with incredibly inspiring women who work in the entertainment industry, and The #ColdHardDrewth. He's insightful, kind, and inspiring even on his worst days and he's doing great things to advance women who are trying to make a name for themselves.


    Mickey, AKA Beyonce, has a wide range of content, from comedy sketches to short horror films and fashion shoots. His meta commentary voice overs will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. He's glorious. (And also one of the co-founders of #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber! #squadgoals)

    Now, surely there are more than 20 small YouTubers worthy of your love and attention (Heck, I had another 30 channels in mind when I drafted this list), so make sure you tell us about your favorites in the comments section down below!

    Also make sure you send this list to everybody who complains about being bored from now on. They're in for a wonderful afternoon.

    Oh, and don't forget to subscribe.

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