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6 Quick and Easy Family Meals to Bust Weeknight

What can you eat in weeknights with your family members? Though there are different foods that you can eat with your family, you also need to choose something delicious which will increase the enjoy of that time. Most of the delicious foods require huge time to make it. But you can follow the Wagamama menu for some delicious foods. Also, you can save your time a to give more extra time to your family members. Just order some favorite items and enjoy with your family. However, here I am going to share some easy family meals that you can a try at your home.

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1. Balsamic Steak with Red Grape Relish

Maybe you have noticed that there are different types of steak that you can make at your home. But most of them take a long time for cooking. But this item us so easy to make. This is a great combination of beef and fruits.

2. BLT Skillet

This is a quick weeknight meal which you can make with less effort. Some common ingredients are uncooked whole wheat linguine plum tomato, garlic clove, lemon juice, grated Parmesan cheese etc. This is a three-step cooking meal which you can make at your home.

3. Korean Beef and Rice / Via

If you want to take some heavy meals at weeknight, you can try this one. This is a combination of beef and rice. After cooking, you will love the taste. To cook this item, you need to use ground beef, brown sugar, hot cooked brown rice and some other materials.

4. Garlicky Chicken Pizza

Do you have pizza lovers in your family? Want to make a delicious pizza for them? Then you should try this chicken pizza which will take less time to make. Tomatoes, olives and goat cheese make this pizza so tasty.

5. Thai Lime Shrimp & Noodles / Via

As a side meal, you can try noodles. You will find variety of recipes in online to cook noodles. But you will love this one because it is tasty and cooking is hassle free. Here you need to use lime juice and red chili paste for delicious taste.

6. Honey Salmon in Foil

Most of the people love to have salmon fish. If you want to cook something unique with salmon fish, you should try it. You can bake the fish in foil with the necessary ingredients. This is the most tender, most flavorful salmon ever.

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