michaelmohan Director of the upcoming film SAVE THE DATE, starring Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie @michaelmohan facebook.com/michaelmohan
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      Michael Mohan here, the director of the film you just watched the trailer to. Hey guys. So yeah— here’s a little thing I wanted to write to you. As we were editing SAVE THE DATE from my editors’ living room, we would come to this website on a daily basis whenever we needed to procrastinate. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see the trailer up here on the main page. So like, despite the fact that all of our favorite actors are in it, this film really is “independent” in every sense of the word. I’m like, not some big shot director… I’m just a guy who’s just trying to make better films than what we’re used to. So I just wanted to say— there’s probably a bunch of other unknown artists out there reading this comment right now procrastinating like I was. So whether you’re editing a movie right now, or recording backing vocals for your new record, or coding some awesome new website… The fact that you are now seeing my work right now means that whatever you’re working on, whatever you’re trying to contribute to pop culture has the chance of getting seen too. It is hard out there for us right now. But just the fact this trailer exists is proof that if you just keep going, people might discover you too.  On that note, I really hope you all see this film - I really put my whole heart in it.  We come out on VOD November 8, and will be in select theatres December 14 (same day as that other no-name indie movie The Hobbit)

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