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How Rapid Application Development Makes Building Apps Easy And Fast

With rapidly changing Business Demands, building apps to meet the speed of business is a real challenge, Let see how rapid application development takes over traditional methods of building apps and makes it an easy and fun experience.

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Rapid application development platforms take an intuitive, visual and drag-drop approach to building custom apps, allowing not just developers but also business people to take part in the creation of apps.

* The core of visual app building is to compose both the user interface and app logic visually, instead of writing code. This is made possible through comprehensive component libraries for UI, logic, integration and backend logic which can be simply drag-and-dropped together on the app canvas. Traditional app development tools are limited to producing relatively basic apps, as only the components made available by the vendor is used.

* Modern visual platforms like RAD enable a new approach achieved through reusability of code and repositories of company-wide component libraries. Rapid application development platforms make it possible for anyone in the organization to build new app components rapidly inside the visual tool, and to share them with others, providing reusability of code.

* Next generation rapid application development platforms solve data-related technical problems such as backend integrations and data transformations, data synchronization and caching, access revoking and secure data transfer which consume time when done using the traditional approach.

* RAD Platforms reduce app development times from months to weeks and days changing the way an enterprise manages development. When it comes to quick iteration, rapid application development tools are far superior to traditional development tools. The visual tooling makes the incorporation of changes in an iterative manner way easier than traditional methods of development.

* Managed RAD platforms, such as Wavemaker, many of the necessary security considerations are resolved on the platform level. Encrypted data transfers, data-related permissions controls, and application infrastructure level security aspects come built-in. It doesn’t matter if the application was built in an hour or a week- security is in place.

* Rapid application development platform allows apps to be built between teams, with component libraries and IPR shared throughout the organization. Development times can be reduced by 10x or more than in traditional methods. Customers of rapid application development platforms thus enjoy the benefit of a constant flow of instantly available new features, produced by the platform provider and assured to work together with their existing applications.

* Traditional methods of coding apps can bring about many indirect costs, all of which can be avoided by using RAD app development platforms. Projects can be delivered more successfully due to increased iteration speed and the reusability of code. User adoption is also increased by being able to respond to customer feedback and implement necessary changes faster. Finally, built-in features that increase the app quality and assure UI familiarity reduce the risk of low adoption even further.

One good way you can make this happen in your enterprise is through the Wavemaker RAD Platform. Wavemaker platform helps you build intuitive apps in days, not months.

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