Welcome To The Street That Looks And Sounds Like A Willy

This road in Edinburgh looks so much like a penis, you can see it from space.

1. And the best bit… It’s called:

2. Can you see it yet?

maps.google.co.uk / Via Google Maps

3. Still can’t see it? Let’s zoom in a wee bit more…

maps.google.co.uk / Via Google Maps

4. There we go:

Google Maps / Via maps.google.co.uk

5. Even from Google’s satellite in space, it’s undeniably a penis.

Google Maps / Via maps.google.co.uk

With a random mobile beauty salon at the bell-end.

6. It’s so naughty Google even blurred the name out on Streetview

7. Here’s another photo of the sign at the other end just because.

8. Sadly it looks nothing like a knob in real life, but it’s still funny.

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