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51 Things: The YouTube Meme That Never Dies

"51 Things Found In My Room" is a YouTube video blogging meme that currently has over 7,000 video responses. The meme consists of video bloggers showing off their precious possessions to a webcam while quirky music plays in the background. And that's it.

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  • FACT: 20 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube during every minute of the day.

  • FACT: This meme will never die because it is a prerequisite for every freshman video blogger.

  • DEDUCTION: Your Internet connection is slow because your neighbor is uploading hours worth of 51 Things and cat footage to the YouTubes.

  • This meme has been around long enough that it has yielded some bizarro results. So it's time to hand out some awards.

  • Best All Around

    Hurricane Aubrey is the mastermind behind the 51 Things meme. A copy is never as good as the original.

  • Weirdest Object

    Billy Mays mannequin head? Why not.

  • Worst Music Choice

    Chipper facial expressions + depressing space music = 269,264 views on YouTube.

  • Best Cameo

    So far, Josiane is the only video blogger with a guest appearance in her video. Roommate or personal assistant?

  • Best Spoof

    The meme is so big that spoof videos are starting to bubble up.

  • 51 Things reiterates the idea that video blogging is a cult of personality culture. Anybody with a webcam, a YouTube account, and a need for attention can potentially become the next Lisa Nova. So it's time to fire up your webcam, capitalize on your clutter, and create your own 51 Things video.