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7 Things You Just Think You Know About Vegans

Vegans just want to be the change you see in the world.

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1. Vegans Are A Bunch Of Animal Rights Activists

South Park / Via

You got me! Sure, I like animals, don't you? But I still like my be human. Anyone can be an activist, vegan or not. Animal rights are just the tip of the iceberg.

2. Vegans Can't Be Super Heroes Because They Don't Get Enough Protein

Vegan Good Things / Via

This is the #1 question Vegans get. So, I dare you. No, I double dog dare you. Just look at a couple of Vegan recipes/blogs/whatever and you'll find most of them have lots of protein.

3. Vegans are Anorexic

South Park / Via

Pretty sure I eat more food in a day than you do in a week. Also, get jealous. My skin is PERFECT! Except for when I eat junk food. Then I'm just like everyone else. *Big sigh*

4. Vegans are a bunch of environmental nazis

Schrute Facts / Via

We all gotta live here guys, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna get all up in your business. Even if I do know where you live, I've got better things to do y'all!

5. Being Vegan Doesn't Make Sense

War On Animals / Via

Vegan eating means more meat for you! You've really got a problem with that? Animals consume a ton of resources every day, like 7-25 gallons of water a day plus their food, we're just lightening the load. Or, maybe you'll find it logical to feed more people by eating plants too.

6. Vegans Want To Tell Their Story

CW / Via

All joking aside, not all Vegans are created equal. Some people became Vegans after huge personal health crises, others are grossed out by meat, some hate corporate food practices and animal treatment, others just don't want to part with their pet pig. More importantly, some people want to share their story, while others just want to eat what they want and be left alone.

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