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    The 17 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Hungary

    The most interesting country in Central Europe!

    1. Buda Castle

    It is on UNESCO's World Heritage list for a reason. Possibly the best combination of river, mountain and architecture in any capital city of the World.

    Insider tip: Check out the castle district at night, when the lights are turned on!

    2. Hortobágy

    This is the plainest part of the Great Hungarian Plains, definitely the plainest plain anywhere in Europe! Come her for amazing sunsets, the iconic shadoofs (wells operated by a long pole), and the amazing feats of horsemanship demonstrated by the csikós, the Hungarian cowboys.

    Insider tip: Have a look at the Kilenclyukú híd, the Nine Holed Bridge, an icon of the Hortobágy.

    3. Pécs

    A climate that's positively Mediterranean, Europe's northernmost mosque and a buzzing nightlife fueled by the large resident student population make Pécs the second city of Hungary. Not in size, but in everything else.

    Insider tip: The nearby town of Villány produces the best red wines in Hungary. Take a tour at any of the local wineries.

    4. Hollókő

    There are many villages in Hungary where the traditional way of life is still alive, but Hollóko stands out among them. The scenic setting, the beautiful old houses and the colourful traditional costumes make for one memorable visit to the Hungary of old.

    Insider tip: Come at Easter, when local men pour bucketloads of water on the women.

    5. Siófok

    Move over Ibiza! Siófok, on the Southern shores of Balaton, Europe's largest lake is Partytown, Hungary for the summer months. Beautiful Hungarian women, sunshine all around and clubs that are still going strong in the morning.

    Insider tip: Balaton Sound, the country's biggest EDM festival is held just a couple of kilometres away in the village of Zamárdi.

    6. Esztergom

    The spiritual home of Hungary a charming little town with an imposing Basilica overlooking Slovakia on the other side of the Danube. This is one of the oldest towns in the country and you can literally breathe history on every corner.

    Insider tip: Never mention to a Hungarian that you enjoyed the Slovak side of the Danube.

    7. Jewish Budapest

    Did you know that Budapest has the biggest synagogue in all of Europe? Hungary has experienced a veritable revival of Jewish life in the last decade, and the traditional center of Jewish life, the capital's 7th district has as many old men sporting hats and long coats as trendy little bars.

    Insider tip: Curvy Kazinczy utca is the most atmospheric of all the streets here.

    8. Balaton-felvidék

    The plateau on the northern shores of Lake Balaton has more attractions than you can shake a stick at: picture perfect volcanos, fabulous vineyards where you can taste the locas tipple, cultural festivals and meandering bike paths, and of course fabulous vistas of the lake itself.

    Insider tip: Tihany Abbey sits on a hill overlooking the lake and has the most stunning setting of all Hungarian churches.

    9. Aggtelek

    The largest cave system in Central Europe looks like the bizarre combination of an enchanted forest and the fairy queen's palace. No wonder the whole of it is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

    Insider tip: Half of the caves are in Slovakia, and on some days visitors are allowed to cross the border under the ground.

    10. Sziget

    Every August an island in the Danube goes completely crazy. Europe's largest music festival has been held here for over 20 years, and by now it's so famous that trainfuls of Dutch, French and Italian teenagers and twentysomethings have almost squeezed out the locals.

    Insider tip: Don't forget to visit Budapest! Many people visiting Sziget do.

    11. Debrecen

    The second largest city in Hungary, capital of the Eastern Plains, isn't called the Calvinist Rome for nothing. The hard working locals have built a huge church on the main square, and you would be hard pressed to find a tidier city in the country.

    Insider tip: Debrecen has the best football (soccer) team in Hungary. Catch one of their games, if you can.

    12. Őrség

    Way off the beaten track, this small Hungarian region bordering Slovenia is where in the now city dwellers go for a couple of days of total relaxation. Even cellular coverage is sketchy here, and in some of the villages not much has happened in the past couple of centuries.

    Insider tip: It's a tough choice, but Oriszentpéter is probably the most charming of all the villages in the area.

    13. Szentendre

    Just a short hop away from Budapest on the local suburban train, Szentendre is a world away. A favourite home for Hungarian artists and bohemian types, cobblestoned streets and quaint little cafés make the town a magnet for tourists.

    Insider tip: Videgrád castle, the seat of many Hungarian kings is very close and you can easily visit both attractions in one day-trip from Budapest.

    14. Budapest spas

    Indoor or outdoor, modern or medieval, steam bath or sauna, the amazing array of spas in Budapest offer satisfies all your water-related needs. There are literally dozens of choices in the city, that sits above a huge reserve of thermal waters.

    Insider tip: Make sure you pick the right bath. Some only admit men.

    15. Tokaj

    The dessert wine produced here is called "wine of kings" for a reason: even a vintage Burgundy is glorified grape juice compared to what is produced on the low lying hills of Northeastern Hungary. And it won't even bust your budget.

    Insider tip: Stay in Mád. It has the best hotels and restaurants in the area.

    16. Ecseri piac

    This flea market on the outskirts of Budapest has a mind-boggling array of serious art and collecitble bric-a-brac. Do you need a communist medal from 1953? Or maybe an amazingly carved chair from 1753? Ecseri will leave you satisfied.

    Insider tip: Don't just look at what's for sale. Many of the characters working at the piac are even more interesting.

    17. Disznóvágás

    That's the Hungarian name for a traditional pig killing feast, but try saying it fast after the obligatory shots of fruit schnapps that start off festivities at five in the morning! Definitely not one for the vegetarian or the squeamish, a disznóvágás presents Hungary at its drunk, lard- and blood-filled best.

    Insider tip: As a foreigner you are actually allowed to refuse the alcohol. Hungarians know foreigners are sissies anyway.