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10 NYC Bars That Will Take You Around The World

Travel the globe without leaving the Big Apple. Live the jet set life with Michael Kors.

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1. Sake Bar Decibel

Graham Crouch / Getty Images

Drink sake like a native at this tiny East Village establishment. Get comfortable and choose from over 80 different types of rice wines that range in price, so you'll never have to worry about breaking the bank.

2. Aria Wine Bar

This West Village staple will whisk you away to a cozy little spot in Roma. Its beautifully provincial interior is contrasted by the thumping bass of tasteful techno music, reminiscent of the city center.

3. McSorley's Old Ale House

McSorley's is a New York institution with authentic Irish roots and a must-go on any tour of the city. Enjoy countless mugs of house-brewed light and dark ale with saltine crackers and cheese as sawdust crunches beneath your feet on floor boards that are over 150 years old.

4. Jones Wood Foundry

Indulge in UK draft beer, European wine, and classically British treats like fish and chips at this Upper East Side English pub. Enjoy three separate floors of fun that feature a handsome wood-paneled dining room and a communal space that overlooks a charming garden.

5. Sant Ambroeus

Mondador / Getty Images

From Milan to the Upper East Side and finally down to the West Village, Sant Ambroeus has been an NYC staple for decades. Enjoy a dynamic menu of coffee-inspired cocktails (like the espresso martini) for a refreshing change of pace. Salute!

6. Kaia Wine Bar

Adrian Samson / Getty Images

Welcome home! "Kaia" means "home" in Zulu, and restaurant owners Josh Levin and Suzaan Hauptfleisch have done their best to make this Upper East Side enclave just that. With a wine list unrivaled by any other, and a menu decked out with South African hors d'oeuvres, prepare your palate for a trip to the mainland.

7. La Esquina - Taqueria and Tequila Bar

Zack McKnight

Known by many for its trendy atmosphere and delicious Mexican food, the taqueria, café, and brasserie combo also boasts a wildly diverse tequila bar. Tiptoe downstairs for a fiery agave-based beverage. Skip the margarita (although delicious) and go for a La Pistola — their specialty cocktail — for something unexpected.

8. Maison Premiere

Two words: absinthe and oysters. This Williamsburg oyster bar is styled after a turn-of-the-century French brasserie and boasts a menu of 25 different types of absinthe. Do as the Parisians and enjoy un petite absinthe taken straight from the tap.

9. Radegast Hall and Biergarten

Rasmus Knutsson/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: rasmusknutsson

After drinking a very literal liter of imported beer, this Austro-Hungarian beer garden will have you wondering how you ended up in Central Europe. The extensive beer list is rivaled only by their authentic schnitzel, bratwurst, and Palacinki.

10. Kingston Hall

Settle in to this hidden gem for comfortable after-work coconuts filled with rum, pineapple juice, and coconut water. This Jamaican watering hole takes authenticity to the next level with a menu of delicious bar snacks that include treats like jerk chicken wings and beef patties.


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