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11 Tips To Take Your Style To The Next Level

Real talk! Stylish advice that’s Michael Kors-approved.

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1. Patterned shirts signify creativity.

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Patterns should be a staple of every dude's wardrobe. They say, "Hey! I'm creative, unique, and when it eventually comes time to plan our wedding, I'll be super helpful instead of asleep."

2. Plain tees are your best friend.

Attia-Fotografie / Getty Images

Plain tees are perfect to throw on whenever. Whether it's a lazy Sunday morning or a Friday night on the town with your bros, the tee will prove itself a most loyal companion.

3. When in doubt, add a denim jacket.

Ashley Corbin-Teich / Brand New Images / Getty Images

One of the only things our fathers (and fathers' fathers) got right: denim. Here we see it in jacket form. Dark, light, stone wash. Who cares? Doesn't matter. Pair it with literally anything (formal or casual) to add some attitude to your look.

4. The beanie should be your go-to winter hat.

Ayls Tomlinson / Getty Images

"You better put a hat on that head before you catch a cold," said every grandmother ever. She was right. You ought to cover up in the colder months, and what better way to do it than with a beanie? Made with elastic to complement the shape of your head, these little hats will keep you warm.

5. And dark denim pants complement everything.

Dark denim will go with even the most outrageous pieces in your wardrobe. Wear 'em skinny, wear 'em loose (read: straight leg); just do you. They look good no matter what. And they also do their part to slim down that leg... not that we think about that stuff though, right?

6. Leather motorcycle jackets are the newest, oldest thing you'll ever wear.

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Leather jackets have been around for over a century. Forever a staple, but always oscillating in and out of fashion. Luckily for all of us, they’re very on trend right now. Swap out your denim jacket for one of these bad boys to impress any date.

7. Layer, layer, layer.

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Despite what you learned in elementary school, the winter months exist for one purpose and one purpose alone: so you can layer to your heart's desire. Complement each item with another item. Experiment with different colors and fabrics. You simply can't go wrong.

8. Try a waistcoat instead.

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Everybody and their mother will be in a suit jacket at that wedding you're attending next weekend. Why not stand out by trying a waistcoat instead? Although slightly more casual, the waistcoat is still every bit as classy as its heftier brethren and definitely more interesting.

9. When in doubt, go monochrome.

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God invented navy blue for a reason: so guys like us could look great every day without having to think about it. So many of us have monochromatic wardrobes of dark navy, grey, or black. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

Pro tip: keep the monochrome to a dark color. No one wants to see you dressed in head-to-toe hot pink.

10. Never underestimate the power of a smart blazer.

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Nicely fitting blazers can take any look to the next level. Frame your favorite button-down shirt in the affirming grasp of a wool or cotton jacket. Just remember to act your age while you have on your big-boy coat.

11. Menswear bonus: look good while on a bike.

If you've made it this far, you may as well have just won the menswear lottery. So we're going to reward you with this little nugget of truth: There isn't a soul in this world that doesn't dig how dope well-dressed dudes look on bicycles. Do yourself a favor and pick up a road bike from your nearest bicycle shop.

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