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Candy Crush Saga Wears The Pants In Our Relationship

You know it's true. Candy Crush Saga decides when you move your relationship forward.

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At the beginning of our relationship, Candy Crush Saga gave in to me. I felt like I was the one in control. We flew through the first few levels of our relationship.


You asked for me to pay for our dates but I said, "No! Let's get to know each other without spending money." I was actually applying my dad's advice. I felt like I was in my first grown-up relationship!


You asked to get know my friends through Social Media. But, once again, I said, "No! You can meet my friends only after we are solid." I didn't want to make the same mistakes again.


Rather than just giving into me and my whims and wants, you set up boundaries that helped me realize that I myself may have been rushing our relationship. I respected you for that.

Level 65 proved to me that you can challenge me in our relationship. I didn't think I could do it, and you saw my potential. You believed in me. And, I started to truly fall in love.

We had so many adventures. We skipped through Candy Town. Toured the Candy Factory. Swam across Lemonade Lake. Climbed Chocolate Mountain. Crossed Bubblegum Bridge. Stayed at Peppermint Palace. And you keep promising me more adventures. But, when? Huh?

But, now I've realized that you hold all the power in this relationship. You have the fancy algorithms that set pace to this relationships.

For example, just when I give up on you and this relationship going anywhere real, out of the blue, you give me two sprinkled candies right next to each other. I didn't even try. You just gave them to me. Do you think I am your plaything?

You believe I will keep on forgiving you for making me wait.

You think that your sweet talk has worked on me before. Why won't it work again? But not this time, buddy. I know when I am getting played.

Now, I'm just biding my time, letting you think you wear the pants in this relationship. And, as soon as another game comes along, you're history.

I just wanted to be clear here. So, you know where I am at. I'm mediating before I make my play.

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