10 Ways All Families Are Basically The Same

We sometimes think our families are all different, but there’s a lot we have in common. Here are 10 unvarnished features of family life, sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Show, premiering Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.

1. A family dinner usually means eating takeout in front of the TV.

It’s fast, easy, and there’s time to talk about your days during the commercial breaks.

2. When we do cook something, it ends up being one person in the kitchen doing everything.

Sometimes teamwork can be more annoying than helpful.

3. We all have one weird uncle.


He is who he is. You gotta just roll with it.

4. We embarrass our other family members on a regular basis.

We get used to it.

5. Family reunions require tremendous patience.

roger_mommaerts / Via Flickr: rmommaerts

We like to think of family reunions as a joyous time with lots of hugging, smiling, and crying, but they’re mostly people sitting around on their iPhones. It’s also when we spend a lot of time with that one weird uncle.

6. We sometimes do our kid's homework for them.


Hey, we all have busy lives and sometimes need to speed things along a little.

7. Long road trips can feel like psychological torture.

Spending more than five hours in the car with family usually results in a grumpy driver and at least one person getting carsick.

8. Organizing the family for Game Night can feel like herding cats.

And look like some kind of performance art.

9. Christmas rarely lives up to expectations.

Shutterstock / robinsonsmay / Flickr

It’s always insane and always comes up short compared to the perfect Christmas in our imaginations. The weird uncle shows up a lot, too.

10. It's endlessly entertaining to make other family members uncomfortable.

Family will forever be the best foils for pranks.

Catch the premiere of the The Michael J. Fox Show to see another family trying to keep work and family life in balance.

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