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Posted on Feb 29, 2016

16 Classic Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows Reimagined With People Of Color As The Lead Roles

Let's take a trip to an alternate universe.

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1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mike Hinson / Warner Bros.

A young girl tasked with battling the forces of evil tries to balance high school life in a small town with maintaining her secret identity. With the weight of all of intersectional feminism on her shoulders, her white classmates rarely take notice of her daily trials.

2. Doctor Who

Mike Hinson / BBC

The legendary Doctor — finally having regenerated as a person of color — finds himself leaning heavily on his white companion to be listened to throughout history.

3. Battlestar Galactica

Mike Hinson / SyFy

When an old enemy resurfaces, one crew is tasked with protecting what remains of humanity while seeking the lost colony of Earth. Can they flip the script on the entire history of colonialism? Eh.

4. Charmed

Mike Hinson / Warner Bros.

Three prophesied sister witches battle the white supremacist patriarchy every day of their goddamn lives.

5. Firefly

Mike Hinson / Fox

A crew of renegades on a spacecraft eek out a living while trying to avoid the punishing forces of a violent regime. A group consisting entirely of people of color, they are branded thugs, but find home and understanding in each other.

6. Fringe

Mike Hinson / Fox

An FBI agent and a small team of scientists operate invisibly on the fringes of society. They eventually must confront what it means when shady forces ruin Earth for everyone else and leave them to clean up the mess.

7. Futurama

Mike Hinson / Fox

Accidentally cryogenically frozen, a pizza guy is de-thawed a millennia after his birth era and embraces the relative privileges this new time awards him. Tragically, he discovers at the end of the first episode that racism still exists.

8. Game Of Thrones

Mike Hinson / HBO

Ancient families fight for power, survival, and the whole damn kingdom. One of the leading contenders is a young woman of color looking to reclaim her family's land and usurp the throne from all the wannabe white saviors in her way.

9. Lost

Mike Hinson / ABC

Survivors of a plane crash, factions of people from drastically different backgrounds must work together to survive in a hostile environment. The only white faces are those of the Others trying to bend these survivors to their will.

10. Merlin

Mike Hinson / BBC One

A retelling of the Arthurian legend, young Merlin must hide his own powers under fear of death – all while coaching a clueless white prince to his own greatness.

11. Orphan Black

Mike Hinson / BBC America

A woman must contemplate who truly owns her body when she discovers that she is the product of a human cloning conspiracy. She bonds with her sibling clones, forming a community far more powerful than the seedy infrastructure that takes credit for their existence.

12. Pushing Daisies

Mike Hinson / ABC

A pie-maker with the power to bring people back from the dead uses his gift on his childhood sweetheart. They team up to solve murders and run the bakery together, grinding harder than ever once rent spikes due to looming gentrification.

13. Roswell

Mike Hinson / 20th Century Fox

Dropped into a city far from their home planets, members of a dying race navigate love, humanity, and what it means to have the skin they have in the southwest United States.

14. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Mike Hinson / ABC

Sabrina and her aunties use practical magic to combat daily microagressions.

15. Supernatural

Mike Hinson / The CW

Two brothers travel the country saving people, hunting things, and fighting for their own free will. They use their resilience and tears to challenge the compulsory masculinity their father passed down to them.

16. The X-Files

Mike Hinson / Fox

One FBI agent teaches another to be woke. Shady authority figures try to shut it all down.

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