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What Is A Room Escape?

A room escape or game escapism live is a leisure activity designed for couples and groups in which they must find clues and use logic to try to solve conundrums and puzzles in order to go completing each of the tests and so escape the room before the game time runs out (60 minutes). This is intended to stimulate:

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•mental agility

•resolution capability



This activity escapism develops within one or more rooms decorated and furnished in different themes according to the proposed theme of each room escape, put to use and full of puzzles and mysteries to be solved in order to advance rooms.

In the halls escape you will find objects of all kinds, of which he must use to overcome each of the tests. This will be accompanied by a series of clues and puzzles suitable for all the senses of the body, from texts for reading to sounds and smells.

Each of the different rooms are monitored and controlled at all times by the director of the game or game master , which is responsible for providing clues and extra help when players need it , and that the activity is carried out in a manner civic and fluid.

At first there will always be a brief explanation of both the operation and rules and rules of the game, to clarify what can and can not be done, as well as answering the doubts of the participants. Once all this clear, proceed to start the adventure.

Room escape for business

escape room London offers the possibility of activities for groups of workers in enterprises in order to enhance aspects such as collaboration or teamwork, communication, strategy, ingenuity and personal delivery, all through tailored suits and designed for it, or with talks, events or coaching sessions.

In addition to playing our escape room to group mode, you can also choose the type victim 17 a game of escapism for groups of 10 to 50 people , in which small groups you will have to solve puzzles, puzzles and small games, making serving logic, intelligence and deduction to meet the goal of catching the killer before 90 minutes.

We also offer you some business coaching sessions for greater individual performance and better teamwork. Along with a set of varied options tailored to the needs of each company, such as talks, gymnastics, macro games or events of any kind to promote group cohesion.

Room escape main features

This new entertainment which already occupies the top positions in the lists of leisure options like " things to do in barcelona , " an essence and a follow similar patterns among them as a sign of identification of live escape.

Room or room

As its name suggests, the room escape are carried out in one or more rooms or rooms within the same enclosure, either a floor, a shop or a warehouse, all suitable for each case.

Each space has a different thematic setting with a great decoration, in which we will find different sections with varied games, and doors that must be opened, either with a key or another method, to advance.

Game master or game director

It is the person in charge of the direction of the games, with the motivation to encourage and help players to make it easier to complete the tests, as well as to control that everything goes smoothly and without altercation, remembering the rules when necessary .

In addition, this may also be saying how much time remains to finish, or simply phrases as part of the story, to disconcert or to give a touch of humor or fear of the game.

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