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25 Real Headlines You'd Swear Are From The Onion

Some stories are too good not to be true. Selections from the new Real Or Onion iPhone app.

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The truth is dumber than fiction. Nobody knows this better than The Onion, which brilliantly serves up heaping piles of ridiculous articles, to the great confusion of many. (To wit: America's own Congressman Fleming who mistook an Onion article about an "Abortionplex" as fact.) In this noble spirit, the online publication Gelf—with permission from The Onion—has put together the Real Or Onion iPhone game. The mobile app is available in the app store and a free 'lite' version is available as well.

Want to see what it's all about? Here are 25 headlines so dumb you'd swear they're from the Onion:

Got your own Onion-esque headline? Tweet at us @RealOrOnion to submit it to the game. And download the full version for hundreds of hilarious headlines.

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