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    15 Ways To Say I Love You That Aren't Utter Cringe

    My boyfriend and I don't say "I love you" to each other before we head to bed. Instead, we say weird and wonderful alternatives, which all started when he said "olive juice" one night. So, for Christmas I got his flatmate (an illustrator) to draw these phrases and I then made a book. And I thought "fuck, man, these need to be seen."

    1. "Dove Poop"

    2. "Eye of Newt Stew"

    3. "Eiffel Pooch"

    4. "Oprah Tattoo"

    5. "Orangutan Shoes"

    6. "Algae Gnu"

    7. "Aladdin Kilt"

    8. "Island of Ewes"

    9. "Alabaster Igloo"

    10. "Marshmallow Luge"

    11. "Avocado Broom"

    12. "Atlantis Newt"

    13. "Alphabet Snood"

    14. "Alpacha Hoofs"

    15. "Shellfish Boo"