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    • michaeld78

      You people are incredibly dumb, no one is talking about taking away your guns, just limiting the kinds you can have.Iamadecorated VN veteran, trained in the use of small arms & explosives(including M79 grenade launcher, M60 machine gun, C4 plastic & The Law, anti tank weapon)just to nameafew, &Ihave never felt the need or desire to own an M16. These weapons have no business on our streets, &Iwould venture to say, if the government came for your guns you would give them up w/o firingashot, because only cowards feel the need for guns. We out gun every nation on the planet yet we spend $billions & years fighting people w/ old antiquated weapons. These people love their country & fight to the death to defend it, how many of you would fight to the death right here in the US fighting an invader?????? Less than 13% of you would, cause you never faced hostile fire & unbearable physical conditions(Unbearable heat, monsoon rains, sand so hot it burns your skin if it touches it) & then some fanatic charging at you, & being shot doesn’t slow him down. This is war, nothing in any movie or TV show comes close to showing what it’s like being in “the shit”. DoIhave guns ??? yesIdo & they’re inasecure location, &Idon’t have kids!!!!!!!

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