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    • michaelcolemand

      The basis of most child abuse is the organised coverup by the Catholic Church. The document used by the Vatican to shield everyone from priests to the Pope is this http://www.awrsipe.com/doyle/2008/2008-10-03-Commentary%20on%201922%20and%201962%20documents.pdf. By signing this, the Pope and all “officers” of the Catholic Church are engaging in a criminal conspiracy. This is why ex-popes don’t tend to travel much - in certain countries they can be arrested. The reigning pope has immunity as a representative of a foreign country (the Holy See). However, priests can be arrested in any county if they are signatories to this document. The question is, why are they not being arrested? The answer is that the politicians are too gutless to do anything about it. In other words, politicians are aware of all this but do not want to raise the issues due to concerns about political fallout: they are turning a blind eye to child abuse. Remember, the only this necessary for evil to thrive is for good men (sic) to do nothing.

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