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    • michaelchristopern

      I may get flamed on this, but I believe this list is slightly out of wrack. Granted, I stopped reading x-men in the early ‘00, (right after the legacy virus came into being and the amount of comics it took to keep up with everything exploded) And I was never a huge fan of the x-force and x-factor “spin offs” (except during the fall of the mutant saga, and a few other key issues) but I have kind of kept up with the going on’s in the universe, so bare with me. First off, a lot of this list covers only X-men from more recent times, Which is a mistake. But as for my personal opinion, Professor X should be Number 1, his vision created the X-men. Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix/Marvel Girl should be number two, She is quite possibly one of my faves and has a ton of development. Cyclops (Scott Summers) should be number 3, for the same reasons that I will explain below. Logan (Wolverine) should be number 4, he has so much back story and tragic things happen to him, he makes for a great character. Angle/Arcangle should be 5 just because I really like him and I think he is cool. Nightcrawler should be number 6, he is such a fun loving happy guy, but looks like a devil and I love the message he represents. Cable should be 6, he time travels, and that is beyond cool. After that, I could care less, but I think Gambit, Iceman, Beast, Mystique, and Storm should be in the top 10. Also, there are some others that are personal faves (such as warlock) that I think should of gotten higher on the list. Also, I know it said “X-men” on the list, but I think Mr. Sinister should of at least gotten an honorable mention. All that being said, I could see how Mr. Summers could be number one on this list. Other then being my favorite X-Man as a child, from what I can tell, He, his (old?) wife, and offspring has had more of an effect on the X-Men universe(s) more then any other family. I am glad I have not kept with the comics of late though, because I don’t like what I have been hearing about him of late.

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