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16 Signs Youre Deep In Your Early 20s

If you find yourself nodding to the following points, we've got news for you: you're in your early twenties.

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1. Your shot of choice is Fireball.

2. The first thing you do after a break up is block them on Facebook.

3. Not going to bed the night before work is an option.

4. You use Axe body spray instead of cologne.

5. You don't know know what hangover means.

6. Ikea.

7. You only read when you're studying for a test.

8. Your 5 second rule is really a 5 minute rule.

9. You're stealing your neighbors WiFi.

10. You constantly suffer from a severe case of FOMO.

11. You only make your bed when you have guests over.


You don't own an iron.

You don't own an iron.

13. You don't have the slightest clue what a 401K is.

14. You think all wine tastes the same.

15. You justify buying Ramen.

16. You only use Netflix because cable is just too expensive.

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