“After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison,” series creator Jenji Kohan said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News.

Michael Blackmon • One day ago

“We apologize for any misunderstanding that might be interpreted as an offense to the great artist,” the magazine’s editor-in-chief said earlier this month.

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James M. Emswiller was an Emmy-winning sound mixer. “This is a devastating tragedy, and the studio is investigating the matter,” a spokesperson for the studio said.

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"The piece has become the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction," said the auction house where the piece was sold for almost $1.4 million.

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“In the movie Freaky Friday she does a body swap with her daughter despite being an opponent of witchcraft.”

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“That’s something somebody took from me.”

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The singer waded into politics on Sunday with a social media post encouraging her fans to register to vote before it was too late.

Claudia Rosenbaum • 10 days ago

The limited series premieres later this fall.

Michael Blackmon • 10 days ago

Jason Isbell ended up writing the song "Maybe It's Time," which Cooper sings in the film's trailer.

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“What I have seen on the news with this debate of Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford, it’s one of the most upsetting things I have ever witnessed.”

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"A Star Is Born soundtrack is hands down the best original score I’ve heard in ages."

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"I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name, treat me like that."

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“But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back," the actor assured fans.

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The film opens in theaters Dec. 25.

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"We had to be weighed in front of each other and you would see the number come up in front of everyone," the "Good Place" star told BuzzFeed News' "AM to DM" Tuesday.

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"If you support someone who believes it's okay to grab a woman by the pussy just because he's famous — then you need an intervention as much as he does."

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Cardi B turned herself in to the 109th Precinct in Queens earlier on Monday morning.

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“It’s a mild case of what people have as Alzheimer’s,” the media mogul said.

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“Emails? I do have some experience with emails.”

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We needed this today.

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