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23 People Who Need Their Pokémon Go Privileges Revoked

When the phrase "gotta catch 'em all" goes too far.

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1. Grandma is rolling in her grave.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @PeteyPlastic

2. Ban everyone who makes Pokémon Go sex jokes.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Christian_Zamo

3. This also goes for people who set thirst traps.

Definitely an inventive way to capture your 🍆.
Twitter / Via Twitter: @_minnhhh

Definitely an inventive way to capture your 🍆.

4. People who take Pokémon Go way too seriously shouldn’t be allowed to play the game...

Reddit / Via

5. well as people who are clearly very good at scamming.

6. Suspend the account of the person who would have this poor Weedle participate in dodgy activities.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Isithim_

7. The same would go for the person who gave their Pokémon these creative names.

Tumblr / Via

8. The things people will do for a Pikachu. Make it stop.

Tumblr / Via

9. Remove the person who used the lyrics to "Mad World" to name their Rattatas.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jarry

10. No. No. No. No. No.

Instagram / Via

11. And while you're at it, see that the person who made this bad Lion King pun is never able to sign in again.

12. It seems as though Bulbasuar is the one Pokémon who gets a ton of mistreatment in this game.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jonnysun

13. Remove the person who took this slightly morbid photo of Goldeen at a fish mart.

Imgur / Via

14. There's the person who was more concerned about catching a Poliwag than enjoying Tower of Terror.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @the_staggie

15. And there are people who've forced their poor pets to help them with the game. Unwillingly, of course.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @PokemonGoNews

16. Take away the privileges of folks who do things like this.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Grimstyles661

17. There are people who've taken the phrase "Gotta Catch 'Em All" way too far...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @RelatableQuote

18. ...the madness must end!

Twitter / Via Twitter: @RelatableQuote

19. And anyone who'd risk their safety for a precious pocket monster should definitely just delete the app from their phone.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheMasterBucks

20. Yep, the game has officially been ruined.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBAonTNT

21. And finally, strip the person who photographed this poor Pidgey standing beside a humongous dildo.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @OMGItsBirdman

Your childhood has officially been ruined.

Giphy / Via

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