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    New York Is, Without A Doubt, The Greatest Reality Star To Ever Exist

    The HBIC never disappoints.

    1. Tiffany Pollard, aka "New York," has been the reigning queen of reality television since she debuted on the dating show Flavor of Love.

    It was love at first sight.

    2. She always expressed how little fucks she gave and did it with such conviction.

    3. And remember her, er, unconventional way of making a guy climax?

    4. And when she was fake.

    Vh1 / Via

    "Fake it 'til you make it." — New York, who may also be a prophetess

    5. And when she was brutally honest about a fellow housemate on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

    Channel 5 / Via

    6. And when she didn't feel the need to quell her major thirst.

    Channel 5 / Via

    7. When she said this very relatable quote.

    Vh1 / Via

    8. Tiffany was never a child. She has always been here.


    9. That time she wielded a knife while someone was getting a little too close to her man. She demonstrated such restraint.

    Vh1 / Via

    10. In fact, New York gave us nuggets of life advice, too. Like this.

    Vh1 / Via

    11. And this:

    Vh1 / Via

    12. When she told Hottie, a fellow contestant on Flavor of Love, that she resembled Luther Vandross.

    13. And that time she read Buckwild for filth.

    Vh1 / Via

    14. When she made sitting on a bed iconic.

    Vh1 / Via

    15. Seriously, just last year this photo of New York sitting on a bed become a hilarious meme. Queen of Sealy Posturepedic! Yaaass!

    16. When she never let the haters get her down.

    Vh1 / Via

    17. When she blessed the world with this Vine.

    That giggle.

    18. There were the times she made it known that it's New York's world and we're just living in it.

    Vh1 / Via

    19. We're all just pawns in New York's kingdom.

    Channel 5 / Via

    20. But there were moments when Ms. Pollard showed that she was truly good at heart.

    Vh1 / Via

    21. And this iconic moment in New York history when she was spit on by Pumkin.

    Vh1 / Nickeloden / Via

    We're all Patrick.

    Which resulted in New York pushing her to the ground. Tiffany is a master when it comes to settling conflict peacefully.

    Vh1 / Via

    Don't ever change, Tiffany.

    E! / Via

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