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Alexander Skarsgard And Margot Robbie Got Really Wild During A "Tarzan" Sex Scene

::fans self aggressively::

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The beautiful and gifted actors Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie are set to star in The Legend of Tarzan, which comes out later in the summer.

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While speaking with E!, both Robbie and Skarsgard revealed that things got a little hot and heavy on set while they were filming a sex scene.


And in this case, hot and heavy means very intense.


But the reason the scene was so aggressive is because David Yates, the director of the film, wanted it to be rough.


And Robbie definitely didn't hold back.


When it was time for Margot to fess up, she pleaded the fifth.


And eventually she let it be known that she didn't cause any physical harm to our beloved Alexander.


Too bad we have to wait until July to see these two make things steamy. 💦

Warner Bros. / Jonathan Olley

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