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15 Words That'll Only Make Sense To "America's Next Top Model" Fans

Smizeeeeee, baby!

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3. Flawsome

The CW

What it means: Flawsome is one of my favorite words that Tyra has created, mainly because it's all about accepting and being proud of your flaws. It's also a mash-up of flaw and awesome.


6. Dreckitude

The CW / Via

What it means: This word, surprisingly, wasn't made-up by Tyra. It came straight from the mouth of Andre Leon Talley, who once served as a judge on the show, and it means something that's utterly despicable.


14. Broken-Down Baby Doll

The CW / Via

What it means: This is a made-up phrase by Jay Alexander who teaches the models how to walk the runway each season. The phrase is usually used when a model takes a photo in which they look amazingly contorted.

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