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18 Hilarious Tweets About Beyoncé's New Clothing Line

This is cool and all, Bey, but where's the album?

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Beyoncé, queen of all things pure and flawless, debuted a video for Ivy Park, her new clothing line for athleisure wear.

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Without missing a beat, the internet completely lost it after watching King Bey's video. Here are the best reactions:

1. Beyoncé gave us all a gentle reminder about those "new year, new me" goals.

beyoncé really dropped this video like 'y'all heauxs said "new year, new me" remember?' and i am grateful for this read, i truly am

2. "Do some squats, beloved." —Beyoncé

3. She's truly the only one with the power to give the world motivation to get fit.

Beyoncé: "I'm releasing a line of workout clothes." *the entire world stampedes to a gym*

4. Going to a park is your prerogative. Why? Because Bey said so.

Skipping class to go to the park as is my religious right

5. Here's a slogan we can all get behind.

6. She's inspired the people to do the impossible: move their bodies!

i'm going to run a marathon for Beyoncé

7. Even though none of us can rock any of the clothing the way she does.

i will never look half as good doing anything as beyonce looks sweating on a treadmill

8. When you see someone at the gym like this, know that Bey is responsible.

9. After all, she's just trying to help us all get our lives in order.

i just wanna be as life-co-ordinated as Bey *makes green smoothie* *jumps rope in the rain* *cycles in slo-mo* *has a baby* *names it Blue*

10. Bey is VERY considerate.

beyonce knows im disgusting and need to work out so now she's selling fitness attire..... she's always looking out for me

11. Honestly though. 😭

Beyoncé is about to have these new Planet Fitness memberships through the roof. I hope they have enough of Tootsie Rolls.

12. Meanwhile, Blue Ivy is the coolest kid on the planet. Her mom named a clothing line after her.

"I have a clothing line named after me and what you doing? Still coloring with ya lame ass"

13. Not everyone was hype about the clothing, though. Just look at this shade thrown at House of Deréon.


14. Beyoncé's announcement cast a huge shadow over fellow pop star Rihanna's latest video.

Rihanna: My new music video will be out soon! Beyoncé:

15. During this whole fiasco, it was revealed that Beyoncé would be speaking words. WITH HER MOUTH.

The singer will be on the cover of Elle magazine's May issue.

16. But after all the talk of fitness clothes and new interviews, it seemed like Bey was trying to make fans forget about one thing: NEW MUSIC.

I hope Beyoncé's is at that park with the album because I don't know how long I can wait.

17. Because we haven't forgotten, Bey. Where's the album?!

Beyoncé really distracted us from a whole ass album she's supposed to release.

18. No worries, though. We thank you for inspiring us to live our best lives.

Beyoncé makes me want to be my best self


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