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Stacey Dash Made Things Very Awkward At The Academy Awards

What's good, Stacey?

Stacey Dash, who is most known for her role as Dionne in the '90s film Clueless, just came onstage at the 88th Academy Awards with an ~unlikely~ message.

Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

In the past, Dash has made it known that she doesn't believe there should be a Black History Month, because "we're all Americans. Period."

Fox / Via

Well tonight at the Oscars, Stacey Dash was introduced by host Chris Rock and she wished everyone a "Happy Black History Month."



The moment was undeniably awkward, and some people were confused.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @SYT_MAG

Same, Chrissy.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Like, whaaaaaaat?

I'm still really confused as to what Stacey Dash was doing.... #oscars

Just confusion all the way around.

Did we get Punk'd by Stacey Dash? So confused

Weird joke, Stacey. Weird joke.

Bravo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @GlamazonDiaries

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