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    What It's Like Being A Twentysomething And Dealing With A Coworker From Hell

    Fellow twentysomethings, I know you feel me on this one.

    So...You Begin Your First "Real" Job Right Out Of College, And You’re Insanely Happy About It...

    Everyone Loves You...

    You're Hilarious...

    And You Work Diligently Most Of The Time

    You're Also Extremely Generous With Your Office Snacks...

    To Be Honest, You're A Frickin' Angel...


    OK. I'm joking, but you are pretty amazing.

    However, Despite All Of Your Charming Qualities, You Have One Coworker That Hates Your Guts

    And They Have No Problem Letting You Know This

    They Seem To Always Have An Attitude Toward You, And You've Never Done A Thing To Offend Them...

    And They're Typically A Lot Older Than You And Always In A Bad Mood


    Most times, they're at least 25 years your senior.

    In Addition To Them Being In A Horrible Mood All Of The Time, They Love To Talk To You In A Dismissive Manner

    They Enjoy Making You Feel Inferior To Them...


    Everything you do in the workplace is wrong, wrong, wrong. It's amazing that you manage to function properly the other 16 hours of the day.

    Sometimes, You Just Want To Scream That You're An Adult


    Because the way they belittle you is unreal.

    The Extent Of Their Petty Behavior Is Unmatched


    Especially when they try to make other coworkers in the office ostracize you.

    You Often Find Yourself Sobbing In The Bathroom During Your Lunch Break...


    Dealing with this person is emotionally taxing.

    Whenever They interact With You, This Is How You Usually Want To Respond...


    But You Don't Want To Get Sent To HR, So You Opt For This Response Instead...


    That's right. You gotta keep it cute, even though this person is super annoying.

    Eventually You Decide It's Best To Take The High Road


    And by "high road," I mean you just pretend to tolerate this person.

    You Realize They're Just Someone Who's Unsatisfied With Their Life...

    And You Can't Let Anyone Hinder You From Being The Fabulous Human You Were Meant To Be