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Posted on Feb 3, 2014

Which Underrated Musician Should Everyone Be Listening To?

It's time for some song suggestions, people.

Everyone has a particular artist or band that they feel is underrated by the masses. / Via

Maybe you think someone like the British singer Birdy should be getting more critical acclaim.

Maybe you'll always have a special place in your heart for '90s-grunge era artists.

Do you love artists with big voices?

Fox / Via

A voice so powerful you're overcome with emotion because you're amazed that one person can convey such emotion in a lyric.

You may feel that none of these contemporary artists can hold a candle to legendary musicians of yesteryear. / Via

Everyone loves The Beatles, right?

Maybe your favorite is Wynter Gordon, an up and coming artist who dabbles in pop and house music.

You may think Miguel has what it takes to singlehandedly save R&B music. / Via

And you're upset more people don't know he is.

Or maybe your favorite artist already receives a ton of praise.

Perez Hilton / Via

But you feel that even more people should respect their apparent greatness.

So tell us below - what criminally underrated musician should everyone be listening to?

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