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What Are The Most Commonly Misheard Song Lyrics?

C'mon, we've all had a "Starbucks lovers" moment.

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Who hasn't fallen in love with an infectious song that you play for months and months until it dawns on you one day that you've been singing the wrong lyrics?

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Yeah, we've all had a "Starbucks Lovers" moment.

Because on the one hand you're happy you now know the correct lyrics, but it makes you wonder how you even heard what you heard in the first place.

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Just like in Ariana Grande's "One Last Time." Some people thought "I know I should've farted" was an actual lyric. It wasn't.

We've all been there, so let us know what lyrics you've gotten wrong in the past in the comments!

Be sure to include the artist, song, and misheard lyric too!

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